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catherynne valente gets real about true detective on twitter

yeah i’ve been watching this recently and it’s really hard to pay attention to it b/c i don’t give a fuck about a single one of the characters, most of them are just there for marty and/or rust to be horrible to, and the plot i am aware is poorly-resolved. it’s pretty but there’s fuck all behind it. 

Everything I read about this show makes me want to watch it less, to the point where I would now rather eat a bucket of frozen piss. And I started out pretty keen to see it.


Hawkeye #19 was well worth the wait. I thought nothing would ever top Pizza Dog.

#19 is mostly in sign language with very little subtitles showing just how awesome the medium of comics can be.

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Kimbra- 90s Music


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tumblr poem


roses are red

violets are blue

you reblog me

i reblog you too


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There’s a party on my nails thanks to @modelsownofficial #polishfortans #microdots #nails

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