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At Night Vale Live tonight I was telling my friends about my new job at Failbetter and explaining Fallen London to them, and someone next to us in the queue jumped up and said she was playing! 

My theory that fans of Night Vale and Fallen London are not so much a venn diagram as a slightly blurred circle is coming along nicely. Excellent.

Fallen London Beginner Tips Masterpost →


Fallen London is deep, dark, marvellous… and massive. Here are ten things which may help the new player find their way:

  1. Do not worry about seeing everything. There are more than a million words in the game; some are best unread.

  2. Don’t be afraid of failure. You learn more from…

If you’ve been wondering what the game I’m working on is all about, you’d do well to read this advice and have a go…


"We went to Shoreditch, which is a very edgy area and we needed a very edgy product"

"I don’t care about Shoreditch and this arty-farty bollocks" Alan Sugar

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